7 Ways to Open an Online Fashion Business from Scratch for Beginners

7 Ways to Open an Online Fashion Business from Scratch for Beginners

7 Ways to Open an Online Fashion Business from Scratch for Beginners


Shopping is one of the activities that people enjoy most to fulfill their daily needs and get the things they want. The word shopping is often synonymous with housewives or women whose job is shopping. Meanwhile, husbands or men are considered less happy with shopping activities. Men are synonymous with working to make ends meet.

Several times the author has found a woman who likes shopping. For women shopping is a very fun activity. And not infrequently they get shopaholic disease or crazy over shopping. Realizing that there is a basic human nature to shop, making various online shops sell well. Especially the online fashion shop. So if you intend to open a promising business or business that will grow, there’s nothing wrong with trying to reap high profits from this by opening an online fashion business.

Along with the times, online fashion shop is very easy to run. There are various kinds of facilities and features to open an online fashion store on the internet. Like through paid blogs, free blogs, online shops using social media and market places and so on. For more details, here are 7 ways to open an online fashion business from scratch for beginners that you need to know, including:

1. Choosing fashion products that are selling well and selling well on the internet.

 This is the most important stage in starting an online fashion business on the internet that determines the success or failure of an online fashion business in the future. You can’t just sell fashion products without doing a survey first. It’s useless if no one is interested in buying it. You will lose. Therefore, a survey is needed first about the types of fashion that are trending, popular and selling well. Choose fashion products that are selling well and are trending on the internet, for example shoes, clothes, clothes, accessories, etc.

To see the types of fashion that are in demand, trends and best sellers in the domestic market, you can monitor the largest online fashion shop sites in Internet. Look at the types of fashion that are selling well on the site. Then you duplicate it on your online fashion store blog.

2. One of the fashion products that are selling well and popular is the online clothing business.

 Most of the buyers are women. You can open a fashion clothing business online with the potential to be very profitable. From various online businesses, they admit that their monthly turnover from online women’s clothing shops can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah. Choose women’s clothing that you want to sell with beautiful designs and motifs as well as complete sizes and colors.

▪ Muslim fashion online business

Clothing or clothing is a major human need. By wearing clothes or clothes not only to cover one’s genitals but also to make someone’s appearance more beautiful and attractive. The market share of the Muslim fashion business, especially women, is very large. The majority of population is Muslim and women tend to like to shop for the latest Muslim clothing with various accessories, beautiful designs, motifs, attractive colors today. So that the online fashion business for Muslim clothing such as hijab, veil, etc. is very prospective and profitable.

▪ Sport Clothing

Fashion products that are selling well in second place are sportswear. For example, jackets, clothes and sports shirts and jerseys. For example, sports shirts for your favorite club. For example Persib, Chelsea and so on. Fans of national and international football clubs will be willing to spend a lot of money to buy sports shirts, jerseys and equipment from the football club they like.

That is a fashion product that is selling well and is a trend. In fact, there are still many other popular and selling fashion products that can be used as online shop business opportunities, such as the fashion t-shirt distribution business, children’s and baby clothing business, etc.

From various experiences and true stories, online fashion business is more profitable and promising. This is because the online fashion business does not require renting a place that requires large capital, for online business locations in cyberspace with a very small capital of around Rp. 200 thousand per year, a very wide market coverage throughout the world.

3. Pricing. After getting good quality fashion items and are currently in trend, the next step is to determine the selling price.

It is necessary to realize that competition fashion online business is very strict. You have to be able to compete with other online clothing stores. One of the ways to win the online fashion business competition is to provide good quality and unique fashion products and lower prices than competitors.

4. Determine market share. If you are aiming for the domestic market share, make sure the fashion materials sold are in accordance with the climate and weather in the country.

Like clothes that can absorb sweat well. And the dress size is in accordance with the body standards of people. A description of the material and size of the clothes must be included in your online fashion store on the internet, Use lcs2 to determine your market share, as it will help you both in marketing and sales.

5. Open an online shop business with small capital.

You should not be discouraged if you have small capital. Because the online fashion business can be started with small capital and some even without capital.

6. There are various ways to open an online fashion business such as becoming a distributor, agent, dropshiper, owner of a fashion convection factory, reseller, and so on.

All that you can choose and do according to your abilities and preferences. However, to be successful in the online fashion business, you need to be careful in reading the market and hard work and have an unyielding nature.

7. Selling Used and New Fashion

Maybe you have clothes and clothes that have been worn for a long time and are now unused but in good condition. You can resell these clothes and clothes to the general public by selling them via the internet.