Save the Environment Reasons to Conserve Energy

The way we spend energy must change to avert and reduce climate change and save our environment. By saving energy, we’ll not only help our environment, but we’ll also save money and increase our property’s value. These are not big steps, but rather a series of small things you can do to change the way you spend and use energy.

It is no secret that energy costs will continue to climb. There are more energy users and fossil fuels are proving to be expensive in their extraction, while the onset of ‘clean energy’ is still far off serving whole towns and cities in the United Kingdom. Readopinions about energy and companies from customers, how they reduce their monthly energy consumption, which energy companies produce cleaner energy and which offers the best customer service too. Real world customers share their experiences on platforms such as Reviews Bird so that other people will be able to make better decisions about their choice of energy companies and energy consumption.

We must reduce our day-to-day behaviourswith regards to energy consumption in our homes and places of work to make a difference to the environment. Simply turning off lights and electrical appliances when they’re not in use is a small step that can lead to overall reduction in energy usage. There’s no need to buy brand-new energy-efficient appliances, but rather as you need to replace items do so with energy-efficient products. Limit your use with appliances such as tumble dryers, kettles, and others as these are some of the biggest consumers in your household. Another area for consideration is to turn down your heat on your thermostat in winter, and use your home and office air conditioner less in summer.

Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are major users of electricity. By swapping them with energy-efficient LED bulbs you will be saving up 80-percent more energy. Also, these last abou 25 times longer too.

Is your geyser on for extended periods during the day, even when you’re not home? Set a timer to your geyser to only let it heat the water in the geyser for times that you will actually be using the water. Geysers use excessive amounts of energy and by simply setting a timer it can save you thousands of Pounds per year in energy costs.

Another great point about conserving energy is that it isn’t always about using less: it is about using what you have in smarter ways. By filling your fridge up, it will actually stay cooler for longer and thereby reduce its energy consumption. Don’t waste money buying extra food to stock up your fridge. If you have extra space in your fridge, fill containers and bowls with water. This will absorb the cold and thereby help to lower the temperature in the fridge and conserve energy.

Is your home properly insulated? It will be cheaper long-term to have your home’s insulation perfect rather than turning up the thermostat’s heat. Make sure your entryways are weather-sealed, your windows are energy-efficient, and draw curtains and shades during the day to trap in the heat so that when you get home your house won’t feel too cold and you can run your heater at a lower setting.